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PlumbLogic’s CELMEC gas heater installation warms up business at West Tradies

PlumbLogic’s CELMEC gas heater installation warms up business at West Tradies

PlumbLogic is a certified CELMEC service agent. This means we’re across all of their methodologies, products and installation processes. As the only service agents in our area and one of the few in NSW as a whole, we have plenty of experience providing quality, cost-effective heating solutions to businesses in need. We used this experience to offer a full heating solution for West Tradies, a local club in Dharruk.

Newly renovated outdoor area requires gas heater services

West Tradies is a popular club that has made its patrons’ comfort a priority for 40 years. As part of this commitment, they completed major renovations to include a large alfresco dining area that featured a pizza bar, drinks bar, outdoor play area and several TV screens. This entertainment space, however, was an open-air atrium and exposed customers to colder temperatures, making it uncomfortable during winter.

Daniel Grady, West Tradie’s General Manager, needed a suitable heating solution that would keep people comfortable without drastically increasing their energy bills. Thanks to previous roles in his career, Daniel was already familiar with CELMEC gas heaters and their ability to effectively heat alfresco areas, so he decided it would be the best option. This led him to get in contact with CELMEC, and they put him in touch with us.

PlumbLogic’s CELMEC partnership to the rescue

We are the only gas fitter in the region with the training and accreditation required to install CELMEC gas heaters at a high standard. Our alliance with CELMEC means we have completed extensive training that equips us to deliver effective and aesthetically pleasing heater installs. We ensure that every member of our team, from apprentices to senior staff, has the right tools and knowledge while enforcing a strict install policy and methodology. A huge part of this involves ensuring the gas heater installation is straight and that the unit lines up with other surfaces.

When Daniel got in touch with us, our founder and managing director, Dane, knew exactly how to help. He knew from experience that CELMEC’s tube radiant heaters would offer the perfect heating solution for a large outdoor space like West Tradie’s alfresco area. This is because they warm surfaces rather than the air, so when you’re in proximity, it transfers onto your skin and the tables surrounding you, allowing you to absorb the warmth.

After examining the site plan, Dane determined that four of these heaters were needed for optimal results – two 7.5m units, one 6m unit, and one 3.5m unit. These types of CELMEC heaters typically hang from the ceiling to ensure the best coverage, however, Dane wanted to find an alternative option to avoid impacting the newly finished ceilings. PlumbLogic’s onsite team of fabricators were brought in to create hanging steel beams that they could clamp to the ceiling and attach the heaters to. This way, the heaters would be secured without drilling or welding into the new ceiling.

The hanging steel beams

“They were very thorough and very detailed,” Daniel said. “It’s very apparent that Dane leads with his product knowledge and genuinely tries to get the right outcomes. He’s very consultative as well. When we spoke about the solutions that we were trying to obtain, we went through a few different options, models and install techniques until we agreed on one that would suit our use case.”

Safe and specific gas heater installation

PlumbLogic possess an OHS ISO 45001 accreditation. This means that our occupational health and safety management systems are at a high standard. So, when it became clear that the installation would require the use of two elevated work platforms, Dane did his diligence to ensure everyone would be as safe as possible.

This involved splitting the work area so one side was operational and the other was closed off. He made sure he had spotters on the ground whose sole responsibility was to look out for the general public and keep them away from the platforms and suspended heaters.

“We want to make sure we look at the job holistically and understand the impacts of where we’re working, how we’re working and how what we’re doing could have external or internal impacts,” Dane said. “We’re always thinking about what could go wrong and pre-empting it. It’s a big part of our training along with making sure everything looks great.”

After ensuring all necessary safety processes were in place, the team got started with the installation. When you’re putting a large, industrial-looking furnace into a beautiful alfresco area, it’s important to ensure things look good. Utilising our install policy and methodologies, the team took special care to ensure this was the case. The result was perfectly installed heating units, all in line with the elements within the alfresco space and ready to heat the space efficiently.

Dane also set up an innovative gas heater servicing process, so if anything was out of order, all the West Tradies team had to do was scan a QR code. An alert will go into our job management system and the closest technician can come and fix it, saving precious time and getting things addressed fast. From beginning to end, the project was done within just two months.  

Completed gas heater installation
The finished product

High quality work leads to higher ROI

With the CELMEC gas heaters in place, the impact for West Tradies has been profound. After investing in their outdoor space, it’s now getting the use they first envisaged.

 “We’ve gone from having a facility that was operable maybe eight months a year to 12 months a year,” Daniel said. “It was great to work with someone like Dane who understands our needs, not just to tick a box but to get a solution that’s cost-effective and doesn’t betray the business to long-standing utility bills. I can’t fault him or his team.”

Daniel was so impressed with our work that he enlisted PlumbLogic to help with further upgrades as they expand their outdoor gaming areas.

Get CELMEC gas heaters installed by PlumbLogic.

When you want aesthetically pleasing and purpose-driven results from your heating services, we are the ones to call. We’ll address your heating need, come up with the best solution, and even conduct ongoing servicing. We are the only ones in our region with holding stock of CELMEC spare parts, so you have the chance to leverage this as well. Talk to the team about our gas heater services today.

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